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Increased Enrollment:

The program has grown from about 300 apprentices at the time of the merger to over 500 at one point in 2002. We currently have over 400 apprentices enrolled and depending on the construction market, are prepared for additional growth.

Training Policies:

All apprentices are required to be registered with the Connecticut State Apprenticeship Council. State and Federal regulations require that each apprentice attend related training classes for 144 hours per year. We make arrangements for the apprentices to come in for 1 full week (36 hours), 4 times per year: about 1 week every 3 months. Apprentices are required to attend training the week that they are scheduled. We strongly discourage rescheduling. Absences, tardiness and any other lost time must be made up.

Apprentices must provide their own transportation and hand tools. Apprentices are allowed to collect unemployment for the week of related training if they are otherwise eligible to collect.

Revised Curriculum:

We have made every effort to revise and improve the curriculum in order to provide the best and most updated training possible. Although our philosophy is to provide a well-rounded carpentry education, we do attempt to make training assignments based on the trainee’s current employment situation. Classes currently offered include:

• One week basic Orientation for New Students
• Basic and advanced Concrete Formwork classes
• Basic and advanced Metal Framing & Drywall classes
• Basic and advanced Wood Framing classes
• Interior Trim
• Builders Level & Transit
• Suspended Ceilings
• Blueprint Reading
• Basic Welding
• Basic Rigging
• Solid surface installation
• Doors & Hardware
• Basic Piledriving
• Floor covering-carpet, VCT, sheet goods (for employees of Flooring Contractors)

All classes include safety, tools, materials, math, blueprints and layout. Classes are designed to provide hands-on experience as well as theory.

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